Display considerations

  Rate of water loss* Benefit of point of sale packaging**
Asian leafy - buk choy Very high High
Asian leafy - choy sum Very high High
Asian leafy − gai lan Very high High
Asian leafy − pak choy Very high High
Asian leafy − wombok High Moderate
Baby spinach Very high Very high
Beans High High
Broccoli Very high Moderate
Brussels sprout High Moderate
Cabbage Low Low
Capsicum − green Low Low
Capsicum − red Low Low
Carrot Very high High
Cauliflower Moderate Moderate
Celery Moderate High
Cucumber – green field Low Low
Cucumber − Lebanese Moderate High
Eggplant Low Low
Green onions High Moderate
Kale Very high High
Leek Moderate Low
Lettuce − hearting Moderate Moderate
Lettuce − loose leaf Very high High
Parsnip Very high High
Pea, edible pod High Moderate
Pumpkin Low Low
Rocket Very high Very high
Silverbeet Very high High
Squash (pattypan) Moderate Moderate
Sweet corn (de-husked) High Very High Very high
Sweetpotato Low Low
Zucchini Moderate Moderate
* Rate of water loss indicates the approximate rate of moisture loss (% initial weight per day) for
unprotected product at 5°C + 80% RH, based on storage trial data.
Low = <0.7% /day; Moderate = 0.7 to 1.2%. /day; High = 1.2 to 1.6%. /day; Very high = >1.6%. /day.
** Benefit of POS packaging is defined as the potential extension of the time product can be
displayed at ambient temperatures without major quality loss (shelf life).
• Low = little or no benefit;
• Moderate = shelf life slightly increased to doubled;
• High = shelf life approximately tripled;
• Very high = shelf life more than tripled.

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