Respiration rate* Ethylene
Asian leafy - buk choy Moderate Moderate Moderate
Asian leafy - choy sum Moderate Moderate Moderate
Asian leafy - gai lan Moderate Moderate Moderate
Asian leafy − pak choy Moderate Moderate Moderate
Asian leafy − wombok Moderate Moderate High
Baby spinach High Low High
Beans High Low Moderate
Broccoli High Low High
Brussels sprout High Moderate High
Cabbage Low Low High
Capsicum − green Low Low Low
Capsicum − red Low Low Low
Carrot Moderate Low High
Cauliflower Moderate Low High
Celery Low Low Low
Cucumber – green field Low Moderate High
Cucumber − Lebanese Moderate Moderate High
Eggplant Moderate Moderate Moderate
Green onions Moderate Low Low
Kale High Low High
Leek Moderate Low Low
Lettuce − hearting Moderate Low High
Lettuce − loose leaf Moderate Low Moderate
Parsnip Moderate Low Moderate
Pea, edible pod Very High Low Moderate
Pumpkin Low Moderate Moderate
Rocket Very high Low High
Silverbeet Moderate Low High
Squash (pattypan) Moderate Moderate Low
Sweet corn Very high Low Low
Sweetpotato Low Low Low
Zucchini Moderate Moderate Moderate
* Respiration rate at 5°C. Low = <; Moderate = 5−; High = 15−;
Very high = >
** Ethylene production at 20°C. Low = <0.1μ; Moderate = 0.1−1.0μ; High = >1.0μ
*** Ethylene sensitivity. Low = not considered ethylene sensitive. Moderate = some damage may occur
with prolonged exposure. High = damaged significantly by short exposure / low levels of ethylene.
Note that respiration rate is highly variable and is strongly affected by variety and growing conditions.
Data sourced from the UC Davis postharvest technology database, USDA ARS Handbook 66, and the scientific literature.

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